Need a lift?

Hop in. Mark Farrell will steer you on a journey—he aims to inspire, educate and entertain. Mark is a speaker, radio talk show host and on-camera personality.

Mark was born with Retinoschisis, a congenital eye disorder, and has been a public advocate for the disabled and supporter of suicide prevention since the early 90s.

Mark educates audiences on:

  • Overcoming Adversity:Facing challenges unique to each and every one of us.
  • Anti-Bullying & Anti-Teasing:
  • Changing Perceptions & Promoting Positive Mental Health:
  • Steering Clear of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Self-Entitlement:
  • Understanding, Accepting & Celebrating Our Differences
  • Getting on the Road to Positive Self-Esteem

Would Mark have chosen this path of adversity? “No thank you,” says Mark who is visually impaired. But through his optimism and sense of humor, Mark has entertained tens of thousands and inspired them to find their drive by sharing his life story and the many life challenges that have made him the courageous and optimistic person he is today.

Have your company, school or conference benefit from hearing Mark’s captivating experience.  His charismatic and natural demeanor and compelling presentation are palpable. And not only will you provide a valuable service for your employees, students or attendees, but your organization will also benefit from the lasting positive effects of Mark’s zeal, determination and insight.