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Mark Farrell Motivation Life’s road can be rough. Mark Farrell can help you find your drive.

Mark Farrell
(p) 201-344-7138
(e) mark@markfarrellmotivation.com

Tips on how to acquire funds so Mark can perform at your school

  • Your school’s fee will be reduced (Yay for you) if Mark can perform at your school, then at a nearby school the same day. You can also invite clubs to your school consequently reducing the amount your school will contribute by sharing the fee. A cooperative effort can help students collaborate and learn about the realities of time and effort in acquiring funding.
  • Check with your school administration for funding from the Associated Student Body fund. For teacher in-service programs, ask about Staff Development — Title VI funding.
  • Apply for other grant monies (it’s easier than you think) from your state by contacting your State Department of Human Services and State Department of Education. They can direct you to the correct office (really they will). For example, the Criminal Justice Department or Department of Public Safety might have distributed funds into mental health agencies or programs for mentoring youth, persons with disabilities, etc.
  • Integrate and highlight Mark (not literally since yellow isn’t Mark’s color) into a major theme like Disability mentoring Day, National Disability Awareness Month, Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, health day, cultural awareness week, etc. Depending on your theme, federal grant money might be available (regardless of the economic landscape). Check with your school district or federal government office to find out who is dispensing these funds in your state and request an application form.
  • Your schools PTO/PTA are likely to contribute funds to Mark’s presentation (Sorry – Mark can no longer accept doughnuts in lieu of money) since it addresses pivotal subjects that affect students.
  • Have student leaders and parents contact local business organizations like the Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Elks (and they won’t have to divulge their secret handshake) and Chamber of Commerce for sponsorship opportunities. This increases their visibility whiles contributing to the well being of local students. Also, businesses are often seeking community involvement initiatives so contact the larger local businesses in your area so the can par take in sponsorship opportunities in helping cover Mark’s fee. And Mark would be happy to acknowledge company’s support while on-stage to students, parents and other community members.